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Special Tips you Should Know About Aquamarine Jewelry

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Aquamarine is a blue variety of the berry. It is the birthstone for March, but anyone can enjoy the amazing qualities of this gemstone.

It is also remarkable for its beautiful, glimmering sea-blue colors that range from very dark to light. It is derived from an old Latin phrase meaning seawater.

Aquamarine has excellent clarity and transparency.

Aquamarine is a hard gemstone and very durable.

It can be quite affordable in various regions around the world but the deeper blue color aquamarine can command high prices.

So How you should wear Aquamarine jewelry ?

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The light blue of aquamarine looks elegant with neutrals, like white, black and navy blue.

The brilliant blue-green of aquamarine combines beautifully with diamonds. It also matches well with both yellow and white gold.

Aquamarine suits both summer clothes and romantic and business clothing styles.

It’s recommended to wear it in the bright time of the year.

And How should you take care of aquamarine jewelry ?

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The best way to clean your aquamarine jewelry is with warm soapy water (using dish soap) and an old tooth brush. This can return your aquamarine to its original clarity and beauty.

It is advisable to take off your aquamarine jewelry during household activities! Because the chemical substances contained in detergents can have a negative impact on the quality of your stone.

Be sure to store it away from other gemstones, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth.

Aquamarine has many uses and benefits!

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It has been used to protect sailors, heal the sick.

It is also believed to relax the mind and the body,

It nourish the spirit, brighten the atmosphere and bring fortune and harmony to the wearers.

So harry up and get your self a Special aquamarine piece of jewelry!


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